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Antibody Manufacturing

Cell banking

Pilot-scale manufacturing

Commercial manufacturing

TOT BIOPHARM runs a commercial GMP production base, equipped with specific cell bank and drug substance production lines. We provide MCB and WCB production, and produce drug substances in 200 L, 500 L, and 2,000 L bioreactors, with a total capacity exceeding 20,000 L.

– Equipped with global leading equipment, including Cytiva's single-use bioreactors and chromatography systems, as well as Millipore/PALL's ultrafiltration systems.

– Adaptable techniques to support diverse multi-batch and specification requirements.

– With extensive experience, TOT has produced numerous drug substances, including batches for market-launched products.

Key Figures Regarding Commercial Manufacturing

Manufacturing capacity


Designed annual manufacturing capacity


Designed annual manufacturing capacity


Project > 500 L manufacturing scale


Average service years of core team members

Disposable bioreactor
Disposable dispensing system with weighing module
Automated TFF ultrafiltration system
Automated liquid chromatography systems with chromatography columns