TOT BIOPHARM’s Certified IT Management System Guarantees Security of Customer

Date Time:2023-04-03

What is the sense of security?

More than that your things outperform other’s while you possess what others have no access to,it is about we have thought thoughtfully in advance about things that haven’t come to your mind yet.

With the progress of digitalization, data security has jumped into public eyes, and enterprises are attaching more and more attention to protection of information. TOT BIOPHARM has always attached great importance to the construction and improvement of information security management, and has successfully passed the ISO27001 information security management system certification recently. It also means that TOT BIOPHARM has established a set of well-conceived, effective and compliant information security management system, which provides a solid foundation of information security protection when serving customers.

ISO27001, the information security management system, known for its rigorous review standard and authoritative certification system, has become the most widely used and typical information security management standard in the world, which is a representative information security management system standard across the globe. The ISO27001 certification also marks that TOT BIOPHARM has reached international level in terms of information security management.

TOT BIOPHARM is committed to being a better biopharmaceutical partner leading the industry and trusted by customers. CDMO services generate reams of key data in the process of R&D, manufacture and sales, and the importance of information security cannot be ignored. In its daily operation, TOT BIOPHARM has implemented the principles and methods of information security management covered by ISO27001 certification through combining technology and management, thus providing customers with a higher level of information security guarantee.

On the one hand, the company controls and prevents risks at the source by managing, classifying and encrypting information assets, establishing Information Security Risk Management System and Information Security Incident Handling System; on the other hand, TOT BIOPHARM has made systematic arrangement in such aspects as staff training, knowledge popularization and security culture construction to improve staff’s sensitivity to information security and build a solid information security network.
Information security is an indispensable part of enterprise quality management. TOT BIOPHARM adheres to the service concept of “quality, innovation and growth”, and has established a quality management system audited which has approved by the drug regulatory authorities, thus protecting the whole process from quality product R&D to commercial manufacture. In the future, TOT BIOPHARM will continue to focus on quality management and information security, and continuously improve its service level, thus freeing customers away from worries.